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Cork children’s rug Field Flowers – Twister

Vegan carpet made from sustainable cork leather. Environmentally friendly and suitable for children.

Playing catch in the tall meadow grass in late summer. This is exactly what we want to convey with the wildflower carpet. And to provide yet another addition, the carpet is ideal as a play surface for a game of Twister together, so that your family can have as much fun as possible!

In addition, our cork rugs are made of natural materials, pleasantly soft and warm as well as incredibly easy to care for.

Size: 120 x 180 cm

Old price: Original price was: 339,00 €.New price: Current price is: 289,00 €.

Delivery time: 1-2 weeks


Children’s rug Wildflowers Twister

Our children’s carpets are made from natural and renewable raw materials.

Cork fabric, also known as vegan leather , is the highest quality Portuguese cork applied to an ecological textile fabric. The other material in our cork products is a layer of natural cork-rubber granulate. The combination of these components creates a unique product with exceptional properties.

The top layer is a very soft and skin-friendly natural material, which gives a feeling of warmth, at the same time does not absorb moisture and is very easy to care for. Thanks to the smooth surface, dirt and dust do not adhere and can be easily wiped off with a wet cloth. In special cases, gentle detergents such as soap can be used.

The lower part is characterized by anti-slip as well as sound-absorbing and insulating properties. Nevertheless, our cork carpets are also suitable for underfloor heating.

The products manufactured in this way are tear-resistant, hard-wearing, long-lasting, anti-allergic and anti-asthmatic. A real alternative to leather.

Environmentally friendly and child-friendly for your home!

Thanks to the simplicity combined with very appealing colors and interesting features, our products can be shown to advantage in your entire home. In the bathroom, kitchen or hallway, they are unbeatable thanks to their water and dirt repellent properties.

For the living room they are an enrichment and upgrading of the equipment and in the children’s room they succeed as a non-slip, easy-care and at the same time great play area.

Additional information


120×180 cm


Made in our factory in Kreuttal in Weinviertel.


Cork leather: 100% cork fabric from Portugal
Upper side: 100% cork
Underside: cork-rubber granulate
Material thickness: approx. 4 mm


Edging: sewn all around
Product size: dimensional tolerance is +/- 1%


The cork leather is a natural product that is handcrafted and can therefore have irregularities


The material is a natural product and is manufactured in small batches, so slight color deviations are possible


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