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The manufacture for

Cork products for the environmentally conscious

natural materials from Portugal

enhancing and easy to care for

Cork leather - the sustainable material in many colors


Special properties of cork leather:

– from renewable raw materials

– pollution free

– antiallergenic

– water repellent

– soundproofing

– easy to clean

– made in Europe

Cork oak and the environment

The cork oak was crowned European Tree of the Year in 2018.

The trees grow in regions that are often plagued by drought and has low requirements in terms of soil conditions. Since few tree species can thrive in such barren regions, the cork oak is almost unrivaled, resulting in large cork oak forests. Most are found in Portugal and Spain. The stocks in Portugal currently cover around 750,000 hectares and form an important ecosystem for many animals and plants. The cork oaks are an important source of shade, a larder, and at the same time protect large areas from soil erosion.

The cork oak forests bind large amounts of CO2 over many years and thus make an enormous contribution to the positive ecological balance of cork products.

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Who we are

demewa korkteppich kreuttal maus team

Our manufactory is located in the flowery Kreuttal (Austria). Here our family of four makes your products by hand. Attention to detail, care and commitment are our key ingredients that go into the completion of each rug or accessory. Also sustainability and careful use of available resources are important to all of us. With cork we have found a perfect raw material for this in cork. It is renewable, 100% ecological, recyclable and free of harmful substances. We produce the cork products with good feeling and we would like to pass this on to you.


We want to optimize our corkproducts perfectly for you and your home. We would therefore appreciate any kind of feedback.

Your DeMewa team